Japanese Onsen in Bangkok

Japanese Onsen in Bangkok

Japanese Onsen in Bangkok is a retreat from the hectic nature of city life. Whether you need to escape for an hour. Moreover, our Onsen will nurture you back to perfect health. Therefore, there are both a cold plunge and steam in a private room. All of this for only 550 baht per person per hour with complimentary tea and cookies after onsen. 

Onsen is the mineral bath culture of Japan. It has existed since before until it became a way of life for the Japanese people the present Soaking onsen is a favorite activity of the Japanese to help keep warm. (Because Japan is a cold country) helps to improve the health of the minerals in the hot springs to relieve pain.



Opening time: Open daily (9 a.m. – 6 p.m)

Japanese Onsen in Bangkok


Increase Blood Circulation

In this Japanese Onsen in Bangkok, the onsen water has a number of natural elements, such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium, that get absorbed into our bodies as we bathe. As a result, the minerals help increase blood flow and the amount of oxygen in our blood.

Reduce Stress and Sleep Better

Most people enjoy a good soak in a bath which the onsen is a great bathing experience. The hot spring water can relieve tense muscles and the natural or serene surroundings of most onsen can help clear your mind. Moreover, your body quickly cools after leaving the hot spring which encourages your body to relax and puts you into a deeper sleep.

Relieve Pain

The intense heat of the bathing experience can relieve our perception of pain. So, the onsen water also acts as buoyancy for aching joints. Furthermore, the combination of temperature, minerals, mental state, and ease of movement in the water helped relieve different kinds of pain.

Treat Skin Problems

Japanese onsen has different mineral qualities. Therefore, many onsens have been known to beautify the skin or have names like “Beautiful Skin” or “Princess Bath.”

Japanese Onsen in Bangkok


Vibrant and sophisticated dining experience after Onsen time

After you have rejuvenated your time in our serene Japanese onsen in Bangkok. You are invited to experience vibrant and sophisticated dining at the White Shuffle. It offers diners with the showcases of brunch and European classics transformed into modern and stylish plates. Moreover, an eclectic selection of hearty menu items and a contemporary approach to “all-day brunch”. Therefore, the restaurant is recognizable by its signature white ceramic tableware, white faux white-grey marble tables, and mesmerizing glass light fixture which hangs from the ceilings of the lofty indoor dining room.

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