Café near Thong lor

Café near Thong lor

We will introduce the new Café near Thong lor. Float Bar & Café, Thonglor is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Bangkok, and the cafés here are certainly living up to the area’s hype. One of the Café near Thong lor, the newest hangouts, Float Bar & Café, this cafe is all about drinks and dessert. Tucked away on Sukhumvit 34, space feels like your home with its welcoming vibe. Be sure to try our coffee and Honey toast. To drink, order a freshly brewed coffee or some afternoon tea.

Café near Thong lor

Coffee beans from Roots, special coffee store

Roots coffee is best known for its own roasted coffee beans and also imported from various regions. Moreover, we are ordering coffee beans from them.


For this blend, Roots wanted to recreate the classic Italian style of espresso while also showcasing the potential of local beans from various farms they work with. These beans all have their own unique characters: Phu Tub Berk (nutty flavor with a smooth mouthfeel), Pangkhon Village (sweet and juicy),  Le Tor Glo Village (beautiful aroma and complexity). But what truly makes this blend unique, is the specialty grade robusta coffee from P’ Kaleb’s farm in Nan. We’ve also added to the mix, which gives the cup a wonderful richness and exceptional aftertaste.


40% Phu Tub Berk, Phetchabun (Fully-washed process) 

30% Pangkhon Village, Chiang Rai (Kenya-washed process)

20% Le Tor Glo Village, Tak (Natural process) 

10% Nam Meed Village Robusta, Nan (Fully-washed process)

Thai Herb Drinks at Café near Thong lor

Our Café near Thong lor has interesting Thai Herb Drinks such as Mimosa Pudica Tea, Red Tamarind Juice, and Zedoary Juice. Thai fruit and vegetable drinks are healthy, delicious, refreshing, and great nourishment.

First of all, it is decaffeinated Mimosa pudica tea, brewed with wild honey, which helps to relax, sleep well and recover from aweary.

The second is Red tamarind juice to help reduce constipation. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ancient medicine to help purify the lungs

And finally, Zedoary juice nourishes the brain, carminative, balances the shift because of food.

Café near Thong lor

Decoration and Style at Café near Thong lor

And our cafe, the decorating with light shades, Float Bar & Café looks chill and cool, marble tables and sunken seating and natural daylight at the store. Cozy corners and comfy seating make up the majority of this café. It is here that customers can sit and wonder, all the while refueling on some of the most delicious coffee.

Whether you are looking for a place to sit and hang out with fellow travelers or a quiet corner to catch up online, this is the Café near Thong lor visit. Or find out more about our hotel.

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