Best breakfast near Thong lor

Best breakfast near Thong lor

To get the perfect start to your day with the best breakfast near Thong lor at Novotel Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit 34. Despite what you may have heard, eating breakfast isn’t necessary for everyone. Choose a nourishing meal to power up for the morning, or savor an indulgent spread for a great start to a relaxing day.

Breakfast will help refresh your brain and make your daily activities much better. Plus, it will help you get ready for work or exercise. And breakfast can also help you not forget about things as well. If you’re looking for the best breakfast near Thong lor, we recommend breakfast at Novotel Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit 34.

Best breakfast near Thong lor

Our breakfast at Novotel Suites

Thong lor is populated with many hipsters and chic breakfast restaurants. We are recommended you try our breakfast at Novotel Suites. Our breakfast made from fresh and natural ingredients. We have three special menu sets. The first menu scrambled egg with croissant, coffee, and juice. Next, pancake and bacon with maple syrup, coffee, and juice. And the special last one is Hainanese chicken rice (Khao man kai). This is very special because it is a sous-vide chicken. It is juicy and perfect for Hainanese chicken rice. Then, wash everything down with a tasty juice or a great cup of coffee to put even more of a spring in your step.  

Let’s take the best breakfast near Thong lor with good vibes

The breakfast also offers outdoor sunken seating and in your room, where you can sip on your cup of coffee and enjoy your breakfast while appreciating the morning swimming pool views. Your perfect morning fix!

Where is it?

You can go to Sukhumvit 34 by car. Another way is BTS Thong lor or BTS Prom Phong. The hotel is located a mere minutes’ walk from the station making it easy to get anywhere are any time. The location is in the center of Bangkok so getting anywhere would take a matter of minutes, without having to worry about changing trains. 

So if you are looking for some classic breakfast dishes in Bangkok, then Novotel Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit 34 might just be the place for you! Book room

Novotel Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit 34

40 Sukhumvit 34 (Suprang), Klongton, Klongtoey, 10110 Bangkok
Tel: +66 2483 8999
Fax: +66 2483 8998

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